Friday, May 1, 2009

Vanilla Milkshake

During my collage days i often used to have jucies n milkshakes with friends in our cafeteria,Good old memories :-).Im very fond of Butterscotch n vanilla milkshake.Normally for milkshake they will add only the ice cream,milk n sugar,i got bored of it,so i just tried adding few almonds,chocolate syrup n fruits.It gave a very good taste.


1Cup - Vanilla Ice Cream

1/2Cup - Milk

Few Almonds(optional)

Sugar -As required

2tsp -Chocolate Syrup


Blend above all the ingredients in a blender except Choco Syrup. Pour it into the glass n top with chocolate syrup.


You can add some fruits like strawberry,pomegranate on the top,it will give good taste.


Padma said...

Cool shake....perfect for the season...

Anonymous said...

well said padma!! really i feel like having more juices n cool desserts for this hot sun :-)