Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pav Bhaji

Believe me, I never tasted Pav bhaji till my marriage.. after my marriage my husband took me to one fast food restaurant n there i ate pav bhaji 1st time in life,i really loved it very much.That time i feel i missed that for so many years :( poor dharani. After that when i was in chennai we used to go there to eat pav bhaji.

After coming to US i thought i will never get a chance to eat pav bhaji,but my thought went wrong,my hubby's friends invited us for having evening snacks with them,it was suprise to me when i saw pav bhaji there(Store bought pav n readymade bhaji mix).The taste was good but not that great compared to the one which i had in india!! :(

So after a long search i found the video recipe for pav n Bhaji in n i was so excited to make pav bhaji.I collect all the required ingredients n made pav bhaji.It was excellentbut still i didnt get the taste of the one i had for the 1st time :).Though i made it long back i just want to share my pav bhaji with u all!!


Recipe for pav Bhaji video1 and video 2


Sanghi said...

Mmm yummy pav bhaji..!

Padma said...

Home made Pav looks too good and Pav Bhaji looks yummy ... u sure have lots of patience to try everything from scratch :)

Ann said...

I love pav bhajis.. so delicious.

Dharani Jagadeesh said...

Hi Sanghi,padma,n Ann thank u so much!!