Friday, May 1, 2009

Kothu Paratha

I Love this a lot!! During my collage days whenever i came home from hostel,that night( usually Friday night) my mom used to prepare this dish for me,very sweet of her!!.. Yesterday while talking with my hubby about those days,it came to my mind n i feel just i want to have immediately,so we both decided to prepare this n peeped into the freezer for frozen parathas,fortunately we had,n started our preparation.Here goes the recipe for one of my favorite dish.

  • 4nos - Frozen Paratha(Daily delight/Balaji)Indian style
  • 1Cup -Onion(Chopped lengthwise)
  • 3nos - Beaten Eggs
  • 1Cup -Chicken curry(if you dont have chicken curry use "1 1/2Chicken masala Powder")
  • 1/2Cup - Tomato
  • 1/2Cup - Capsicum
  • 2nos - Green chillies (cut lengthwise)
  • 1/4tsp -Mustard seeds
  • 1/2tsp - Urad dal
  • Few Curry leaves
  • 1tsp -Red chilli powder
  • 1/4tsp -Turmeric Powder
  • 1/2Cup -Corriander leaves

Cut the Parathas into small pieces and keep aside

In a kadai heat Oil,add mustard seeds,when splutters add urad dal,curry leaves,Green chillies n toss for few mins.

Add Onions,capsicum n fry till it turns tender n transparent.

Add all the above powdered ingredients n stir till the raw smell goes off.

Add chopped Tomatos n cook till turns tender and mashed.

Add the parathas n toss well in the mixture.

Now add the beaten eggs n coat well the parathas mixture.

keep on stir untill the egg gets cooked.Dont forgot to stir as it will get stick to the pan if its a stainless steel.

If you planning to add chicken curry,add it this stage n mix well n keep stir for 3 -5mins.

Granish with coriander leaves n serve hot with chicken Curry/Chalna/Raitha.

I love this with plain Onions :-)


Padma said...

Nice Kothu Paratha Dharani... I love these a lot...

Priya said...

Never ever i'll say no to Kothu paratha..yummy dish!